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So i have been thinking of doing this for a while, as many of my followers live around the world and don’t get to experience some of these amazing products that i do in australia, so i combined this giveaway with the products that i eat almost every day myself, it is pretty much me in a box, and i would love to share some of these with someone else :)


  • Loving earth organic sour cherry & acai raw dark chocolate
  • Loving earth goji & camu camu raw dark chocolate
  • Certified organic goji berries
  • Power super foods - black and white chia seeds
  • Ceres organics almond butter
  • Nerada organics chai tea
  • Australias own organic almond milk
  • Organic inca berries
  • Organic quick oats
  • Organic carob powder
  • 3 detailed recipes from the food posts on my blog, you can pick which ones you’d like the recipe for



  1. Must be following me, all-natu-ral
  2. Reblogs only, likes do not count
  3. The more times you relog the better your chances are of winning!
  4. Must reach 500 notes
  5. Winner will be picked through a random number generator
  6. I am happy to ship anywhere around the world

Best of luck everyone!
WINNER WILL BE DRAWN: October 24th 2012

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perfect weekend bag

perfect weekend bag